Va Va Voom Voluptuous Vixens

Recently there has been a refreshing change sweeping through high end fashion houses. No longer are women forced to endure the sight of hungry and rather miserable looking models slinking across runways.

Plus size models have long been relegated to the back alleys of fashion.Fuller figured beauties seemed destined to model rather unflattering clothing with no emphasis on highlighting their womanly curves. Strangely it’s always been the more “boyish” figures that got to sashay about in sexy lingerie despite having no curves to show off.

Fast-forward to the 21st century and there does seem to be a trend encouraging woman to embrace their humps a la’ Fergie and Beyonce. Vogue recently jumped on the band wagon placing 2 fuller figured ladies on the cover.

With more women looking to show off their assets, designers are now creating sexy styles that make women proud to show off what their mamas gave them. Whether plus size ladies are searching for delicate baby dolls, sheer camisoles, big booty sex doll garter belts or well crafted corsets, there are multitudes of daring and beautifully designed fuller figure lingerie for the bigger ladies.

We love that women, instead of hiding their bodies are, are now choosing to truly enjoy their curves and indulge in seductive plus size lingerie.This new found acceptance of a females form truly has led to a new generation of larger ladies strutting their stuff – and boy they strut it well! With lacey corsets, silky slips and sultry petite sex doll plus size beauties can now enjoy many more styles than ever before.

Sexual Abuse–Have You Ever Wondered?

This provocative question/thought begs an answer. Most people, who have asked themselves or someone else asked that question often answer with “Yes, I have wondered, but: “I don’t know who it would have been.” “My Dad would never do such a thing.” “I don’t think so.” “If I was, I would remember.” Or many other variations that leave the question unanswered.

Having worked with hundreds of life like sex dolls abuse survivors in the healing process for the past twenty-five years, the answer to the question–Have You Ever Wondered If You Were Sexually Abused?–is 99% inevitably, ‘Yes.’ How can you be so sure, you might ask? The certainty lies within the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is where ‘truth’ of memory is stored.
Furthermore, it is the unconscious mind’s job to push the memory into the conscious mind–thus, if the person ‘wonders’ if they were sexually abused even though they have no conscious memory–it is a clue that the unconscious mind is pushing the information to the conscious mind, so that the wounds can be healed.

What can one do if one wonders, but doesn’t have any definitive memory? Many people believe that ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you.’ This myth has proliferated many centuries and doesn’t hold true for any issue. Because of a child’s innocence and often dependence on her/his perpetrator, sexual abuse is not only a violation of his/her body, emotional and spiritual boundaries, it is a violation of his/her trust. In this respect, the sexual aspect is secondary. The person she/he trusted with his/her innocence, instead of giving her love, has taken what she/her wanted from him/her, terrorized, hurt, humiliated, controlled, disgraced and shattered his/her perception of him/herself and the relationship with the perpetrator. Although the perpetrator emphasized his love for her/him, he/she perpetrated a violence that did not require force. In this violence, described as love, he robbed the child of the opportunity to develop into a healthy, adjusted adult. The perpetrator abrogated his/her responsibility to care for and protect the child.

This insidious betrayal so profoundly affects a child’s sense of trust that the survivor works mightily to regain fully what is a birthright. Whether the assault occurred once or several times is irrelevant, since the damage is incurred immediately. This damage is profound, extensive and pervasive. Sexual abuse and incest affect every aspect of human development. A soul injury forms as the result of life size sex doll abuse: an injury that time, education, job, money, marriage, children, moving, or divorce cannot heal. An injury so deeply wounding and traumatizing that it requires more resolution than reading books, self-help groups or undertaking intellectual analysis. Children or adults who have been sexually abused, do not ‘get over’ the devastation as they would with the measles or a virus. Without sexual abuse recovery, millions of adult sexual abuse/incest survivors continue to bear the emotional scars.

Think back to your childhood do you have any of the following memories?

o a sudden fear of specific things, people, places (bathroom or –i.e. the room where the abuse took place)?

o act out inappropriate sexual activity or display unusual interest in sexual matters

o temper tantrums, especially coinciding with visits to places or interaction with certain people?

o violent behavior such as: kicking, hitting, biting–survivors feel extreme frustration and anger.

o mood swings, hitting, withdrawal (abused children often feel alone, helpless and withdraw into a shell), culminating into depression.

o difficulties with bed wetting or soiling after 4 years of age?

o nightmares (monsters, being chased or bogey men), fear of going to bed or sleepwalking?

o physical symptoms of sexual abuse such as: vaginal/rectal pain, itching, vaginal/rectal bleeding (bloodstains in underwear or pajamas), discharge, redness in genital area, or bladder/kidney infections

o difficulty walking or sitting

o stomach and digestive problems

o complain of flu-like symptoms or not feeling well frequently

o listlessness (robot-like, sitting quietly and unemotional staring into space until someone or something prompted you to ‘act.’)

o self-inflicted pain (head banging, hair pulling, nail biting, body cutting/carving, frequent accidents (accident prone)

o regressive behavior: baby talk, sudden clinging behavior

Feng Shui 2007 – Secret of Feng Shui Love Romance Signal Tips

Groups 1 feng shui love relationship — Chinese zodiac symbol are Rat, Dragon and Monkey

Group 2 feng shui love relationship — Chinese zodiac symbol are Cow, Snake and Rooster

Group 3 feng shui love relationship — Chinese zodiac symbol are Tiger, Horse and Dog

Group 4 feng shui love bbw sex doll— Chinese zodiac symbol are Rabbit, Goat and Pig.

If you are dating a person in group 4, than you have to know that their love emotion will appear to surface more readily and strongly if both of you could take a long walk on a sandy beach or maybe watch a batman movie together. Getting her a Mickey Mouse doll or a cup print with Mickey Mouse picture is also one way to spur her emotion of liking you. It would be a great plus if both of you could make a trip together to the Disneyland to watch Mickey Mouse. This is because group 4 belongs to the water love signal group and the position is at the North.

On the contrary if you would like to date a person who belongs to group 2, south, fire love signal group, a stroll in the beach will not work. It may even spell trouble for you as your date may feel that you are not what it takes to be romantic. Your chances of your date falling in love with you or having good impression of you would appear more readily if you realize that for this group of people, a spin ride with your date in a Red car first before anything else is most important. It may sounds crazy but some how in the subconscious mind, group 2 love signal person feng shui feel romances this way, Any thing that is fire and anything that relates to the color Red. BBQ is also one of the common methods to spur their love signal emotions in them deeply. Eating red meat or keeping a dog as pet would be a great plus to improve both parties’ relationship.

Next, if you are dating love signal in group 1, who belong to the west, gold love signal group, a good tips to spur their liking is to bring them for a trip overseas. Places like America, Hawaii or if you are currently in America, places like Europe and etc. Anything western will be a good chance to win her heart. As for color, white will be very preferred. Wearing white cloths for dates will be a good choice. Dining in Chinese restaurant and ordering chicken rice for dinning will greatly improve your chances. If your place has winter, it will be blessing. Their love emotion will spur more readily if both of you could take a short winter stroll. In summer time, eating ice cream or going to the skating ring or man made ski will improve your chances more.

Last, if you are dating the love signal group in 3, east, wood love signal catalogues, a walk in the park with lots of trees or flowers will spur their love emotion readily. Not to forget to bring a stock of flower every time when meet. Going vegetarian will be a plus as this group of person would prefer to dine with more vegetable than meet. Anything that is related to green in color or good will be a tpe sex dolls.

With the few simple understanding of what things to do or clothing to wear that will spur the love emotions of the opposite sexes, dating will be effortlessly and joyful in no time. But of course there is one emotion that is critical and that is Sincerity. Without sincerity, than there would be any good outcome results from the above Secret of Feng Shui Love Romance Signal Tips

5 Effective Tips To Seducing A Man – On A Date

Tip 1 – Dress Appropriately

A sporty guy might ask you out for a sports session or a movie guy might just want to hit the theatre and watch a flick. Whatever it is, you need to dress correctly and make sure you dont “Out Dress” him! You want to wear something that is close to what he wears often so that other people will think that you are a couple and this will reinforce positive feelings in your relationship with him.

You should also show some cleavage but don’t overdo it! A rule of thumb is if you are wearing a low cut top, you should be “fully clothed” bottom and vice versa. You should also “expose” your best assets. If you have been complimented on having model looking legs, go ahead and wear that cute denim skirt!

Tip 2 – Wear A Scent; Put On Make-Up

As a rule of thumb, girls should always be smelling like flowers everywhere they go. Smelling good is very important as it gives an impression that you know how to take care of yourself and you cheap sex dolls yourself up for him. He will appreciate it. Trust me.

Cosmetics is vital to make any girl look good. You need not have 10 layers of foundation on yourself. Depending on your skin tone and looks, you should use cosmetics to your advantage. Conceal what is not nice, accentuate what is nice. Make your best features stand out. Also, choose the appropriate colors for the time of the day. If you are anticipating some kissing action, use a lipstick that doesn’t smudge! However, most guys like shiny and glossy lipstick as it gives a sexy feeling.

Tip 3 – Show Confidence

Guys like girls that knows their stuff, go on, show your intellect! Give an opinion! An intelligent mind is sexy. However, guys are more than often egoistic. Remember this: You can give an opinion but let him know that the decision to do anything lies with him. This will reaffirm that you are a “sex doll lifelike” girl and that you value his authority and image as a guy. Well, most guys like to be the “dominant” figure in a relationship but it is also true that after “consulting” your opinion, he will most probably go along with your suggestion.

Tip 4 – Touch Him

You can hold his arm as though you are his “property”. This makes guys feel very good about themselves. Treat yourself like a “hot chick” and he will be very proud to be your date. You want to make other guys (strangers on the street) jealous of him because of you.

Tip 5 – Let Him Think That He Impressed You

All guys like to think that they are really good with girls. They have a “I want to win” mentality deep down in their hearts when it comes to girls. A desire to possess. So act as though you are really impressed with him, choose your words carefully but be natural in your expressions. Mr Right might not be perfect in all ways but the fact that you like him shows alot. Make him feel that what he tells you is very important and interesting (Although at times, you might not even understand!). Ask him more and be interested.

Fire Up Your Relationship – Ten Ways to Build a Loving and Lasting Union

Relationship challenges can make you bitter or better.You can choose ro practice new relationship-enhancing behaviors. Here are ten SECRETS for lasting and loving unions:


Girls are already dating in their minds by age 7 and they are hooked on Disney’s Fairy Tales. Look around at all the Princess love doll and toys. But even Barbie and Ken had troubles to deal with. {Barbie and ken broke up and Mattel had this big break up story a few years back). Although there have been some improvements in fairy tale endings with movies like Shrek girls are still falling in love with the glitz and Happily Ever After Stuff. What they needs a REALITY TALE.


Although divorced people may fill sad, they have a chance to celebrate a new beginning. If they have learned from their experience they can work toward a new loving and lasting relationship. Although 95 percent of Americans say they want love that lasts, most do not know how to make it happen.


Real people meet real people. Fakes meet fakes.


Research shows that sex is better in committed relationships. Do not fall for that glam couple stuff. The Hot couples may surprise you!


Lessons can be learned from divorce about what it takes to move on and learn how to make love last. Rather than view yourself is a failure, learn to be better instead of bitter.


We all seem to have some form of this gene that prevents us from seeing the stars in our own backyard.


To sustain the spell of love we need to handle differences with controlled burns so resentments do not get our of control. It is important to learn to dialogue with conflicts.


Cupid’s spell happens in moments all year long………….One arrow does not last forever. You need to keep filling the quiver and sending arrows silicone sex doll.


Create ways to add romance to your relationship and connect with your partner; not just the usual out to dinner and movie night. For example, instead of a box of chocolates, give pieces of paper that have gifts that your partner loves like a massage or a day out to their favorite museum, etc…..Share random acts of kindness every day.


Chemical attraction might be great in bed but when the chemicals calm down and your head is clear you may be left with a partner you are not compatible with outside of the bedroom.

Sexuality and Attraction in Western Culture Today

Gay Sex Doll Half Body - Adam

Today many men are wondering, ‘Why am I not attracting women into my life like I should be?’ Especially when they ARE so passionate and their energy is involved with the idea of women?

The question comes down to; WHAT are they attracting?

What ‘kind’ of relationship are they attracting?

Are they attracting what they think and believe is a woman’s sexuality?

Or are they actually attracting more of the economic game of sexploitation and pornography instead of women themselves?

In our Western society today almost no one (let alone women) has a clue to what true sexuality is anymore.

It was lost ages ago yet is still alive in different cultures.

We can look at the cause and effect influence behind all of this and realize how things have developed and changed over the years.

Sexuality is natural and biological at it’s root.

Sure there are social influences which come into play in the mating game between men and women but now things are so extreme that an average 19 year old can get a makeover and INSTANTLY be valued above millions of high quality men who have been conditioned to drool over her. This is nothing to say about the character.

Society has so corrupted and twisted ‘mini sex dolls‘ to it’s own economic benefit that millions of people are lost and confused. Completely out of touch with attraction itself as sex is a commodity of social, economic exchange.

We have an unnatural society. We have a social culture that is extremely SOCIAL. And I don’t mean open inter-dependent respect social; I mean program-receiver, stimulus-response social.

The sexuality of women is their nature. It’s their biological behavior. It’s not at all society’s warped definition of femininity and definitely not sexploitation which men and women have been brainwashed and conditioned into valuing and believing to their disbenefit.

It is disheartening to see the popularity of pornstars and Vegas girls.

Millions of women have already sold out to ‘the game’ merely because it is now socially approved and desired. It takes a strong man to be equal to or above all of this power to reach through and bring out the truth that is suppressed within her.

Until men can value a woman’s nature which is not behaviorally represented in our independent or socially valued women (and somehow on earth figure out what that is), they will continue to attract NONsexual relationships.

How can a man attract women if he believes that her skin and sassy prickteasing is her sexuality?

No wonder it doesn’t work. And women know this; they know that their ‘sexed’ up behavior is social at the root but they’ll never tell a man because ‘he’s supposed to know’.

So until men can build relationships with the alpha nature of women, it’s going to be difficult to attract them consistently.

Independent, logical, career-oriented behavior of women is unnatural and nonsexual. Socially approved, bleached blonde hair, boob job, prickteasing, bitchy behavior is likewise unsexual behavior.

If these Prada’s and Prickteases are the models of female behavior and sexuality, no wonder millions of men and women have problems attracting quality partners.

Women have lost touch with their nature because society literally raped them of it to it’s own economic benefit. Bratz realistic sex doll are further evidence this is occurring at a younger age.

The conditioning is invisible because it’s all these people know and are in relationship to. There is no counter-balance to check it with when millions of programming ‘socially approved’ signals are coming at them daily telling them what to value and how to act.

One of the few things that can bring the suppressed sexuality (natural behavior) of women back is economic fantasy outlets (how the system was built) and a real man who is their equal who knows what their true nature/sexuality is.

The fashion and makeup industry has so deeply entrenched and pervaded their concept of ‘beauty’ into the minds of millions that it’s even become more important daily than the real thing (relationships).

Learning the Art of Kissing

Have you ever wondered if you were proficient in the art of kissing? Would you want to improve on your current technique? Do you want to make a lasting impression when you kiss someone?

Kissing is a very intimate activity if done the right way. We will explore on what makes this timeless act a classic gesture of romance and intimacy.

One Too Many

There are many ways to express your feeling with the kiss. There is the simple peck that one does to a casual acquaintance. It’s used as a way of greeting or saying goodnight. There is the more intimate open mouthed robotic sex doll, a precursor to a more intimate moment. And there is the French kiss, a torridly passionate, and oh so delectable activity.

It is More than Technique

Many brag about knowing the ultimate technique. Guaranteed to make your partner gasp for more, or so they claim. The art of kissing is an activity that is to be enjoyed, between two people who experience an emotional bond. A deeper bond would translate to a more satisfying kiss.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

• First and foremost make sure you don’t have bad breath. If there is one thing that definitely kills the moment, it’s having a sewer for a mouth.

• Do reciprocate your partners efforts, it is an activity meant to be enjoyed by two people. If one isn’t in to it, it would be like kissing an inanimate big boob sex doll.

• Don’t use a stiff tongue; it’s a tongue not a sword. Be gentle in your efforts. Use slow tantalizing motions. It isn’t a race. Where would you want to be anyway when you’re kissing?

• Use your hands, a gentle caress makes the moment more intimate.

• Do not slobber, be conscious of your efforts and you’ll be fine.

• Breathe; use your nose. Having a partner that gasps for air is a definite no-no.

• Don’t lick your partners’ teeth, it’s definitely a turn-off.

Now that we’ve covered what to and not to do, it’s time we cover the basics to that satisfying kiss.

The Approach

Face your partner, lean close to one another. Caress your partners’ cheek; use your fingertips in a gentle gliding motion. Slightly pucker your lips as you continue leaning forward.

Getting it On

Part your lips as you continue leaning forward, don’t open too wide. As you make contact tilt your head a bit, you might exert a little pressure at this point. Continue kissing as you enjoy the passion.

* For the open mouthed kiss, part your lips as if you were drinking from a bottle.

* For the French kiss, press your lips together as you open your mouth. Slide your tongue in gently, run your tongue against your partners tongue. Avoid fast movements.

A kiss is meant to be enjoyed by two people who share an emotional bond, be gentle and reciprocate your partners’ efforts. Be an intimate, considerate kisser. Soon enough you will master the art of kissing.

Erotic Lingerie For Increased Sexual Pleasure

Wearing erotic lingerie is an excellent way to add variation and intimacy to the sexual experience. There are many different styles that a person can choose depending on the type of encounter sought. A person can opt for a more demure item or something a bit more erotic to reveal more of the body.

Choosing the right type of erotic lingerie can set the tone for a passionate encounter. If a couple are choosing the item together considering what is important to both partners will help make the experience more enjoyable. It is also important to keep in mind the body shape of the person wearing the lingerie. A full figured person can be just as sexy as a petite figure if the pieces chosen accentuate the person’s best features. The more comfortable a person is in the lingerie the shemale sex doll and more confident they will feel which often translates into more passion.

Costumes are an excellent way to bring some fun to an intimate evening. Many people use costumes as a way to role play a situation. Items can range from a naughty nurse to a law enforcement agent or maid. These types of attire help to set the mood for a flirty experience.

To make sure that the erotic lingerie will elicit attraction it is important for partners to discuss likes and dislikes. For those that are new to each other it may be less intimidating to wear a classic piece like a garter and corset or baby-celebrity sex dolls gown. For couples who have established comfort and trust they may be drawn to more revealing pieces, such as see-through items.

For couples who have open communication and are comfortable with each other they may want to experiment a little more with what they are wearing. Being more creative and seductive with a wardrobe may help each person live out a fantasy. In some cases couples prefer the woman to be more dominant in the bedroom and therefore choose a garment that portrays dominance. Often these outfits are leather, and some may come with a mask for more intrigue.

Some outfits that will help to ignite passion is a strapless bustier. This is a form fitting piece that helps to accent curves and leaves something to the imagination. For a person who is comfortable with their body and wants to show it off they might opt for an open teddy, which consists of an open stomach and under-wire bra.

Erotic lingerie comes in lots of different styles, colours and materials. A person can choose anything from a satin piece to a leather garment. A person will want to consider what looks best on them when choosing a colour, as well as what colours they prefer. White may give a message of innocence while black tends to be a bit naughtier. Red is also a popular choice.

When considering wearing exotic lingerie it is important to keep an open mind and imagination. The bedroom is a wonderful place to experiment with different styles or costumes. The more partners communicate with each other the more likely they are to feel satisfied with their experience.

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Thank Heaven For Little Girls
Song from the Broadway Musical, “Gigi”

A Latina mom comes into the meditation chapel with her little girl. The girl, who looks to be about ten-years-old, kneels with her mother. Mom brings out a prayer book and mother and daughter kneel close together reading from the same book.

It’s quiet, oh so quiet. In the distance, I hear the faint hum of traffic on Montgomery Drive but within, there is nothing but the sound of silence. In the quiet, a little girl rests her head on her mothers shoulder and whispers her prayers.

As I ponder the peaceful scene, my out-of-control mind takes a nosedive down, down, down, it wanders. Somewhere, a little girl that age is being teased or bullied by a gang of schoolmates. Somewhere, little girls are being imprisoned as sex doll torso slaves by lustful men or made to work 14-hour days in a factory in Central America. Somewhere, little girls like this can not read from a prayer book or any book because they are not taught to read. I shake my head and try to dismiss the negativity.

I re-focus my attention on the little girl kneeling with her mama in church. She is safe and loved and praying to the God of love. I never met this little girl but I know her. I have seen her in my own daughter and grand daughters, protected kids who have their own room, play with American Girl dolls and eat nourishing food.

I see her, too in the children I lived with at the Children’s Village and in the kids I visited in an elementary school in Guatemala, and the little kids I see playing in the homeless shelter here in Santa Rosa. This little kid is all kids who have filled my life and I pray to God that her mom may continue to love and protect her in her journey.

I am sick at heart about the suffering that girls have to endure in this world of ours. The parent in me cries; the dad in me is angry at what we allow to happen to all the little girls (and little boys) who are our responsibility. It’s not okay; it never was okay that our children be made to suffer because we have allowed our dark side free reign. No! Dammit, No!

In the chapel, mom puts her arm around her child and they say a final prayer together before they leave. I send my own prayer and my dreams winging their way.

The words from “japanese sex doll” run through my mind. The jaunty Maurice Chevalier is singing “Thank Heaven for little girls. They grow up in such a delightful way.” Please God, may we work together to make it happen.

7 Secret Qualities Men Find Hot

Eliza: Tough Girl Sex Doll – Silicon Wives

Yes, we guys are usually an open book to nearly any woman around. Or so we let you think 😉 Seriously, there’s usually quite a bit you can figure out about us from just a glance in our direction, but there are SOME secrets we keep amongst ourselves, particularly when it comes to relationships. While they are many in number, here are 7 “secrets” that make a woman super attractive in our eyes.

  1. Intelligence: Possibly the number one mis-conception is that all men are looking for a dumb chick and an easy lay. Admittedly, sometimes we that is all we’re looking for, depending on the occasion (we’re not looking for a wifey in the club.) However, what we are truly searching for 90% of the time is a woman that is an intellectual match that we can talk to (talk?!!?) Yes you read that right, we do want you to be smart, in fact it can be a real turn on if you are smartER than us. Just don’t let anybody know we said that!
  2. Personality: “She’s got a great personality” is guy code for “She’s ugly but . . .” True enough, but in reality we do want you to have a great personality; it completes the package. Just as a you want a guy that makes you laugh, we want a girl we can laugh with.
  3. Not Into Sports: The 8 hour couch potato with a bag of Doritos in one hand and a beer in the other is an all too often used stereotype. Sure, some of us love a game of football, baseball, or F1, but many of us just aren’t into the whole sports thing. If you’re not into sports either, that’s great to us.
  4. Looks: Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie; these are widely considered to be the epitome of the perfect woman. While it’s hard to deny that woman like them are attractive in our eyes, every guy has his own personal criteria as to what’s “beautiful,” and many times looking like a perfect barbie male sex doll isn’t it. In fact, most of us like a little meat on our women. A bit of booty can go a long way.
  5. Bigger Looks: An ample chest can get our attention, but is nowhere near as important as a pretty face. Despite where you see our eyes go, we really are talking to you and not your chest during a conversation.
  6. Sex: If you can rock our bed that’s fantastic. But if that’s all you can do we’re going to get bored really quick. Men love woman who are great to be with in and out of bed. After all, sex is all about communication between partners for mutual satisfaction; meaning that if you don’t know every position in the book, that’s OK because we can learn together. But if you don’t know how to speak our language (anime sex doll) that’s a bit more difficult to over come.
  7. Communication: We like it when you talk. We really do. Even if we sometimes space out when you start talking about the latest Twilight movie/book, we do like to listen to what you have to say. Even if we don’t show it. Sometimes we just like to hear the sound of your voice, it comforts us, turns us on, and so much more.

7.1 Bonus Secret: We won’t admit this to anybody else, but we like Twilight too. So if you want to talk about how “Edward shouldn’t have . . .” we’re game, it just might be better to do it in private so our less Twilight-inclined friends don’t feel left out (code for: “or laugh at us.”)

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